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It couldn’t be more apt that during Heritage Month a 100 per cent local product hits the shelves for SA consumers that’s named Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar. Produced by the fourth generation of Leslie’s based at Heritage Farm in the Eastern Free State, this premium apple cider vinegar is not only a standout because it is one of the few apple cider vinegars on the market that can claim it is 100% grown and made locally; it’s also of the highest quality containing ‘the mother’ and being 100% pure with nothing else added to the apples to create the vinegar other than time.

Apple cider vinegar in recent years has grown in demand not only in South Africa, but across the world due to its many health benefits and claims that stem back hundreds of years. Some of the health claims associated to the consumption of Apple Cider Vinegar containing ‘the mother’ includes blood sugar regulation, weight loss, lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol, cleaning wounds, soothing sunburn, reducing itching of insect bites and even being used as an all-purpose cleaner. It is usually taken daily by mixing 1 – 2 teaspoons of vinegar with water and sometimes honey, lemon and ginger to make a tasty drink, but can also be diluted and applied to the skin or even sprayed on smelly feet! While there are several types of apple cider vinegar, by far the healthiest is the raw, unfiltered variety which contains the “mother”, consisting of strands of proteins, enzymes and good bacteria which gives the vinegar its cloudy colour.

Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar has been slowly fermented using the farm’s very own grown quality apples ensuring the full strength and maximum health benefits ?? of this wonder remedy! The family have been growing and selling quality apples for many years from their orchards outside Harrismith, which happen to be some of the highest orchards in Africa. According to Graham Leslie, Financial Director of Clan Leslie Estates and mastermind behind the creation of Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar, the importance of using apples from their own farm also plays into the quality of the product as they can control and know exactly how the apples have been farmed and that no dangerous chemicals have been used. He says that that is just not possible with apples that get bought in from another source.

“Our decision to diversify and start producing apple cider vinegar using our own apples that are farmed, fermented and bottled on the farm was a natural progression. We started this process almost two years ago when we decided to make better use of perfectly good apples which just had a mark or blemish on them and as a result were not deemed acceptable for sale to consumers in stores or at markets. These apples sometimes  make up to 10% of our crop and in line with our sustainability ethos, would usually go into an earthworm composting process where it is fed to earthworms to make a vermicompost. This is then used on the farm again as an organic supplement to the apples. Making vinegar actually compliments this already highly sustainable use of the apples in that once the juice has been extracted, the left-over pulp still goes to the earthworm farm or is fed to our sheep, so no material is wasted,” explains Graham.

To achieve the full strength, premium quality of Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar, the key lies in it being made very slowly and with nothing else being added. The hand-picked apples from their farm are chopped and pressed to extract the apple juice. It is then put into tanks where some already made vinegar is added from a previous batch to introduce yeast which takes a few weeks to turn the sugar in the apple juice into alcohol. Once all the sugar has changed to alcohol, they start stirring the tanks at which point natural bacteria takes over to turn the alcohol into acetic acid which makes up the final vinegar product. This process is deliberately done very slowly to ensure maximum flavour in the final product and can take up to nine months to be completed. The end result is incredible flavour and a product that has been naturally made with no additives or preservatives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only emphasized the importance of healthy eating and living, but it’s also encouraged a movement globally of countries supporting local products and businesses. “September being Heritage month also helps to promote the movement of ‘supporting local’. Our launch of Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar now is hopefully perfectly timed to leverage off even more support than usual from local South Africans. We are confident though that the quality of our locally made apple cider vinegar (ACV) outshines the likes of Braggs and other top international ACV products in the market, so once consumers try it they’ll have to concede that local really is lekker”, adds Leslie.

Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar retails at approximately R110 per bottle and is available nationally on Takealot.com and various online and retail stores in Gauteng, the Free State and Kwa-Zulu Natal that are listed on www.heritagefarm.co.za. More stores and stockists are being added regularly on Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar’s Instagram and Facebook pages, which you can follow on:

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Alternatively, direct sales and enquiries can be made to sales@heritagefarm.co.za. Connect with Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar and share how you prefer to use your apple cider vinegar using #myheritageacv.