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About Our Farm

Heritage Farm, situated in the mountains of the Eastern Free State, has been in our family since 1906. Our family are currently the 4th generation on the farm and we originally started out as cattle farmers but quickly realised the value of diversification. Over the years we expanded into farming other livestock like sheep and a small wildlife component that includes disease-free buffalo, roan and sable antelope. Other areas of agriculture that we also diversified into includes apples, maize, wheat, sugar beans, soya beans, rye, oats and popcorn. Apples, however, have now become our main crop. Any waste products on our farm from our crops gets composted and then fed to our earthworms.

The earthworms process the compost into highly nutritious vermicompost which we then use back on the farm to reduce reliance on synthetic fertilisers. At the same time, the vermicompost improves the health of the plants which in turn reduces the need for other sprays, enabling us to farm as naturally as possible.

Until recently, about 10% of our apple crop was thrown away into our earthworm composting system. The worms, however, don’t like all the juice that comes with the apples and as a result this largely gets wasted. In our never ending drive for efficiency and in line with sustainable business practices, we no longer waste the juice. It is extracted to make Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar, and the remaining pulp is sent to the worm farm or fed to our sheep. Not a drop is wasted!

The first batch of Heritage Apple Cider Vinegar was bottled in 2020 and is now available directly from Clan Leslie Estates or at various outlets across South Africa.

To find out more or place an order contact Graham Leslie on 082 822 5613 or email sales@heritagefarm.co.za.


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